Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Can be Sold at Auction?
A. We Sell Just About Anything & Everything as Long as It is Legal for Us to Sell.

Q. Can I Come See the Items in Person?
A. Yes! We highly encourage every Bidder to come to our local store in Merrill to view the items. Some Items Look Better Person & Vice Versa. (Visit More Info on Preview Days)

Q. Are there any charges added to my purchase invoice?
A. The invoice will include a 10% buyer's premium, calculated on the winning bid amounts.

Q. When Should I Bring my Items for Sale?
A. Check Our Website for Upcoming Drop-off Days/Times or Email/Call Us at Our Office for Upcoming Drop-off.

Q. How do I List My Items?
A. We Require That Every Item Be Described on a 3"x5" Index Card with Your Seller Number Located in the Upper Right Hand Corner. Descriptions are provided by the Seller. Descriptions Should Include: Accurate Condition, Size, Serial/Model # and Any Other Useful Info that a Buyer Would Want to Know. You Will Also Prepare a Brief List of the Items that You Are Bringing in for Auction & it will be Attached to Your Contract.

Q. Can I Sell My Items from My Location?
A. We Highly Encourage All Items to be Brought On-site to Our Merrill Location for Live Preview, however for the Convenience of Moving Larger Items, we are able to Sell Items Off-Site

Q. How Long Does it Take for My Items to be Auctioned?
A. We Catalog & List the Auction the Following Week After Drop-Off & the Items Go On Our Website for 4-Days Starting Thursday Evening & Going Thru Monday Evening. You Will Receive a Check for Your Sold Items 10 Business Days Following the Close of the Auction.

Q. How Much Money do I Have to Pay in Advance to Sell My Items?
A. None. We take Listing Fees & Commission from Your Check after the Sale.

Q. What Happens if My Item Does Not Receive a Bid at Auction?
A. You have 4 Days to Pick Up Your No Sale Items. If the Item/Items are Not Picked Up FASTBID.US Takes Possession and re-auctioned or donated.

Q. Do I have to Guarantee the Items That I Sell?
A. We prefer that the Seller Lists their Item Accordingly. If an item is Working, You'll want to Include that in the Description. If an Item has any Defect - You'll Need to List that in the Description as well. (Examples: Works, New, Unknown Working Condition, AS IS, etc) If an Item is Working, we list that & Guarantee that the Item is in Working Condition.

Q. Can I put a Certain Dollar Amount on an Item to Sell?
A. We do not encourage Reserves, however we understand that Some Items do Require a Certain Price. We Prefer to List Items as “Sells With Owner's Confirmation" because sometimes Sellers Change Their Mind on a Max Amount Needed on an Item. There is a Fee to be Charged if an Item Does Not Sell.